Audio Production

1. Audio Production

Do you need a radio commercial? All you have to do is ask! Concept, script, music and post-production, all in one place. Where? Right here.

Do you want to take your video/movie to the next level? We produce high quality music, sound design, audio special effects and we are able to edit your video/movie’s sound in order to satisfy your needs. So, stop searching for post-production; you are in the right place.

Audio postproduction

  • Music production

specialised in producing music for advertising

  • Sound design

let the sound speak and bring the “wow” effect to your videos/movies

  • Mixing & mastering

You are a producer or an artist? Do not let your creativity stuck on the technical side. We can fix it in the mix. 

Post-production is the final touch to finalise the product. We are able to produce the music you want, editing the videos/movies’ sound and doing the mix and master.

2. Dubbing

High quality dubbing and voice over for live-action, animated movies and broadcast series.

As we have a long history in dubbing, we are offering complete services: talent casting, translation, recording, editing and mixing.

We have a large database of voice actors, which is regularly updated, because it is important not only to use the proper voices, but also to keep the feeling of the original material. The database includes voices from children to aged actors.

The original scripts sent to our qualified translators, are double-checked by our team in order to make sure that the original script and the translated one are a perfect match.

For every project, we assign an experienced director, which ensures that the chosen voices are the perfect match for the respective script. The director works directly with the actors during the recordings. Because each voice is recorded separately, the director takes care that the artist uses the proper intonation for his character and that it fits with the other voices recorded. In this way, he makes sure that our project corresponds perfectly to the original one.

Our professional sound engineers make sure that the sound is at high standards. For that, we use the best equipment and supervise all the recording process, we edit and synchronize carefully the material and then we choose the proper dynamic processing and sound effects.

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